Nothing like kissing a man who has experience in kissing. Those type of kisses are addictive. You will do anything for those kisses, including experiencing a heartbreak. Jay's kisses undressed me!


A peach is a peach
a plum is a plum
a kiss isn't a kiss
unless there's some tongue
so open your mouth
and close your eyes
let's give your tongue
some exercise


It's so true... but it burns calories so that's not quite good for me. But I love him and I love kissing him.

niexie namea

hmmm I never knew such a thing like this!!!!!
nice information I better start kissing now!!!


This is so cool! I love kissing my boyfriend... but now that I know about the health benefits I will definitely kiss him even more often.


Kissing someone makes our heart happy especially when you are kissing the one that you really love.


my wife and I always end up kissing whenever we can


It's really very new to hear this. While myself and my princess are already working on it... this will be a good theasus for us.


Wow! This is amazing info. I will practice kissing more with my husband. I luv my health!!


Me and my girlfriend came across this befsite a few months ago, and have made it a points to kiss every chance we get.

Dan Reveal

Very interesting article on the importance of kissing!! Very enjoyable!!

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