How strange! I read this at 19.53!


AAH@! I read this at 7.53 pm! 19:53!!!!


same here 19:53! strange and the stories were beautiful.

Ana Morales

I identify with the kissing story of Rachael and Brendan because me and my boyfriend live in different countries also..
And long distance relationships do work!
Best wishes! xoxo

Red Dynamite

ohjeez i read this at 7:53 too! :P


Whoa! How can you do it at 7:53 exact? Any Seconds?


I kissed my first love a few days back, after 8 years of being in love with him.Because I had never told him about my feelings and we were apart for 5 years. But now I have a boy friend of 4 years. Still that first kiss with him remains the best kiss and it will remain so forever..


I read this at 19:58
slightly off everyone else :P


My best kiss was with a 6th grader when I was in 7th grade. He was a good kisser for a 6th grader. I will forever remember that day on the school bus when that kiss happened between me and him.


wow, I read this at 7:41, and I bet if I hadn't skipped some stories, I would have gotten to theirs at 7:53! tripppyyyy!

Connie Nguyen

I remember when I had my first kiss.... :)
It was Halloween.... not exactly the perfect setting, but it was a night I could never forget.
Tony had moved last year. He had to transfer from Sevier Middle to Northwood Middle. He was new and didn't know anybody. My friend Stacy had gone out with him back at Sevier (sadly, she didn't know that the only reason he went out with her was because someone had set them up). Anyways, I fell in love with him when he was with another girl. I told him I liked him and he said that he'd think about it. I told him to follow his heart, he didn't have to break up with his girlfriend because of me. Turns out, he did break up with her and went out with me. It was October 28, when he asked me to come over for Halloween. We spent all night together, then I had to go. His mom drove me home and we were in the back seat. My head was on his shoulders, he kissed my forehead, and we were holding hands... I looked up hoping to look into his eyes, turns out he was starring at my lips, waiting for a kiss. I was scared (this would be my first kiss) and I didn't know what to do, so I just looked out the window, hoping that he would change his mind and wait. Turns out, the third time I looked up to see if he was still starring, he took his finger and pulled my chin up till our lips met. It was a moment I could never forget. We have been together for about 2 or 3 months, than he had to break up with me because of his low grades. Two months later when his grades were back up, he asked me out again. Sadly, my parents are really strict and won't let me have any freedom until im 18, so I couldn't come over to his house and hang out. The only reason I was over at his house for Halloween was because I lied, I had said I was going to a friend's Halloween party and she was still planning it so her brother was to pick me up. I don't regret lying to my parents and nor will I ever. Our school had a band concert so I wanted to go to support my boyfriend. I asked my parents if I could go and they said yes, luckly they forgot that Tony was in band so I was able to go. After the concert, we went outside and stayed out there until about 2 hours later. We kissed and it was the first time I got to spend a special moment with him in the last 7 or 8 months. I love him very much and wish to be with him as long as I can.


Such a nice time reading these stories... Thank you for posting your kisses experiences!
Wish you all love and happiness!


Such a lovely time reading these stories... Thank you for posting your kisses experiences!
Wish you all love and happiness in your life.........


These stories are very interesting. For me, I can't remember any kiss. For I have never kissed someone passionately. For this reason I have learned what I miss in life. A kiss. I will go out and look for that kiss.

Once again, I do appreciate.


when i read these stories, i can only hope that my first kiss will be as magical as those...


haha this kind of depresses me :c
but these stories are like in the movies so beautiful..

Lana Ludmila

I love these stories!!!
My blog shows my love story:


I can remember my first kiss with my boyfriend too, he was really nervous, which was very cute.
oh wow, I want to kiss him right now!

Shair Rahman

i never knew such love girlfriend loves me a lot but sadly she doesn't want to kiss me...the reason why still baffles me...anyways, hope you people get to spend the rest of your lives submerged in true love...:)


This is just lovely! I love stories of the first kiss two people share together!
If only I had a photo of one kiss in particular, but we haven't been snapped together once hahaha

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